• Helps in improving baby birth weight and provides all essential micronutrients for provision of optimal growth conditions
  • Contributes to efficient brain functioning and brain development
  • Enables quality milk production leading to improved growth and health of baby.



Movin Powder is a comprehensive and balanced nutritional supplement specially formulated for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Movin Powder boasts a spectrum of vital vitamins, Vitamin A fosters healthy vision, immune function, and skin health, vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption, crucial for bone health and Vitamin E, an antioxidant, guards against cellular damage, while Vitamin K2 contributes to proper bone and cardiovascular health.

The array of B vitamins present in Movin Powder is a true boon for women’s health. Folic acid is vital for fetal development during pregnancy, reducing the risk of neural tube defects. Vitamin B complexes collaborate to support energy metabolism, nerve function, and cognitive health.

Inclusion of minerals like sodium chloride and potassium chloride contribute to electrolyte balance, crucial for maintaining proper bodily functions. Zinc and copper sulfate are powerful antioxidants, safeguarding cells against oxidative stress and iron bisglycinate helps prevent iron deficiency anemia, common among women.


  • Vitamin A 300IU
    Vitamin D3 75IU
    Vitamin E 1.2IU
    Vitamin K2 5mcg
    Vitamin C 7mg
    Folic acid 15mcg
    Vitamin B1 100mcg
    Vitamin B2 150mcg
    Vitamin B12 20mcg
    Vitamin B3 1000mcg
    Vitamin B5 450mcg
    Biotin 4.5mcg
    Sodium chloride 20mg
    Potassium chloride 100mg
    Calcium carbonate 80mg
       Zinc sulfate 0.75mg
    Copper sulfate 90mcg
    Potassium iodide 5mcg
    Sodium selenite 2mcg
    Magnesium oxide 5mg
    Iron bisglycinate 1.5mg
    Manganese sulfate 5mcg

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