X fit


  • Improves erectile dysfunction & weak erection
  • Amends low libido in men
  • Corrects lack of energy & fatigue
  • Rectifies premature ejaculation & poor stamina
  • Enhances sperm count & cures infertility



X-Fit capsule contains Vitamin-E, Tribulus terrestris, L-Arginine, Selenium and L-Optizinc as crucial and essential ingredients for the healthy vitality and smooth sexual performance.

Vitamin E is considered the “Sex Vitamin” and in X-Fit contributes to increase blood flow and oxygen to the genitals. It also supplements the production of sex hormones and increases vitality.

L-Arginine boosts testosterone production making X-Fit responsible for as much as doubling semen volume and helpful in improving blood flow to the penis, fat burning, build muscle and boosts the immune system.

Tribulus terrestris extract increases the body’s natural testosterone levels and improves male sexual performance.



L Arginine 100 mg
Vitamin E 100 mg
Tribulus Terrestris 300 mg
L- Optizinc 40 mg
Selenium 33 mcg


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