• Helps to treat or prevent anemia pre, post and during pregnancy.
  • Helps to treat or prevent low folate levels.
  • Helps in iron deficiency anemia, during; Teen age, Old age, Polymenorrhea, Hypermenorrhea, Low Hb level, Pregnancy & Lactation.


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Ferosim Syrup & Tablet is our advanced formulation that brings together three powerhouse ingredients: Vitamin C, Iron Bisglycinate, and L-Methylfolate. This dynamic trio harmonizes to provide a comprehensive solution for overall well-being and to compensate loss of RBCs.

Ferosim contains Vitamin C, celebrated for its antioxidant prowess, joins forces with the gentle yet effective Iron Bisglycinate and the bioactive L-Methylfolate, creating a blend that not only supports immune function but also promotes optimal iron levels and aids in essential DNA synthesis.

L-Methylfolate ensures that the body has the necessary form of folate to support healthy red blood cell formation and prevent certain types of anemia.

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of non-heme iron, the type of iron found in plant-based foods and iron supplements. By forming a complex with iron, Vitamin C improves its solubility and bioavailability, making it more accessible for absorption in the intestines.

Iron is a critical component of hemoglobin, the protein responsible for transporting oxygen in red blood cells. Iron bisglycinate is a form of iron that is generally well-tolerated and easily absorbed by the body.


Iron bisglycinate 130 mg
L-methyl folate 200 mcg
Vitamin C 50 mg


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